“Tic toc”  “Tic toc”

It’s that clock it drives me insane.


Not that I could disagree.

If I was not insane I would not be in this mental hospital.

Mental hospital? 

Yes here I am,

And have been for the past two years.

Its been two bloody years since the last time I felt grass between my toes.

Its been TWO bloody years since the last time I had something tasteful to eat.


I hate it.

Absolutely hate it.

Every single day 

Every single minute

Every single second in this place drives me insane.

This place?

Did I mention it drives me insane ?

I don’t know 

I don’t care 

What is happening to me!

This silence is deafening.

There is no one to talk to.

I am alone.


Yes I am , and I have been for the past two years.

No one talks to me.

They all think I am crazy.


I should be laughing.

We are all crazy

That’s why we are here isn’t it?

I am trapped and alone in a sell 

It drives me crazy.

I talk to myself because there is no one else to talk to 

I think I am normal 


No I am not  

Even my doctors say so 

They say I am going to be here for the rest of my life.


They should be careful with theirs 

‘Cause I am going to take theirs just like I did to all those other people.

I am not happy 

So they can’t be happy.


That I am not

Not now,

Or ever again

You wanna know something?

I like to scream.


Yes that I do from day to night

They try to calm me,

but I wont listen.

I then get punishment 


Yes that I get 

Its mortifying 

I don’t like it,

No one likes it. 

I don’t think Pete likes it 


Who’s Pete?

I don’t know?

I think he is my friend 

I don’t know if he is real 

He is probably not , just like Emily and Tyler


I wonder who that is

He is probably that nice guy I killed 


Oh no,

Did I kill him!

He was so nice.

Too bad he deserved that knife through his throat 

I don’t like guys they cheat on me 

Cheat on me?

Do that and I kill you 

Kill you?

I’d love to do that

I like killing people 

It’s like a hobby 


Guess what my hobby is!

It’s killing people

I like that 

I like to see them suffer

Just like I did 

I hope they get killed.

Oh don’t worry 

I will do that


I hope you have sweet dreams 

Sweet dreams?

I don’t have that

All I have is awful nightmares 


Yes that I have 

I then have nowhere to go because I am trapped.


Yes I am

Forever and Always . . .

(Sucky poem I wrote when I was 12 on this website called wattpad.)



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