I’ve been thinking ’bout these places

My mind wondering through these difficult phases

Which only leads to more confusing mazes

In the end its just all covered up traces 

I have come to the fact that one day I’m going to have to face it

but not this day not this minute

Maybe one day when I’m grown up 

I’ll be mature and stop

Cause I have felt remorse 

I have felt this guilt 

which has eaten me alive 

and it’s only built 

but it in all honesty i’m just seeking a bit of redemption 

in which the concession has come to no caution 

That is eventually going to lead to an explosion 

of my mind , my body and my heart

that has been ripped apart by these people who has been nothing but negative

Some say it’s just the fictive of my imagination 

but the contemplation of the situation has been highly wrong

So the ignorance if my story has been highly strong 

Once again the comments has crossed the line

Each and every day goes by and all i can say is

“It’s fine.” 

but yet the moment I try to stand up for myself

It’s just like before

I’m the bottom shelf


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